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Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure

Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure (Gamescom 2023) - Um novo começo para nós e nossos amigos

Descubra o que pensamos sobre este belo título que descobrimos durante Gamescom 2023, no qual exploramos uma ilha cheia de segredos e criaturas mágicas e extraordinárias para restaurar seu esplendor e torná-la nosso novo lar. O que você acha? Você e seus amigos seriam capazes de resolver o mistério desta curiosa ilha?

Audio transcriptions

"Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new Gamereactor Gamescom Impressions video in which today I'm going to talk about a game that I didn't know before Gamescom and I don't know why because it's definitely my kind of game but well, I'm glad that I discovered it there and obviously we're talking about Ikone Island, an Earthlog adventure, ok?
An action RPG, obviously indie title, that's why I like it so much in which basically we'll have to, well, explore and gather resources, farm the land, craft tools build our base, fight against monsters, etc."

"all alone or with some friends because it has some co-op mode and well, the game starts basically where a group of friends are travelling somewhere with their boat, etc. and well, they get lost and they appear in this mysterious island where it seems that a mysterious frog power or an ancient frog divinity or something like that is leaving the old ruins and the entire island and through that power and through those frog statues that we'll discover all over the place, all over the island well, we'll progress in the story and we'll progress in our adventure basically because, well, every time that we'll advance to a brand new area they'll ask us basically some resources or some things to do and then they'll give us, for example, a receipt or they'll unlock a brand new area or they'll unlock a fast travel statue or shrine or whatever and like that we'll be progressing and that's one thing that I really liked about the game that, for example, there are some times that in these titles, in these titles of this genre, the progression is weird or you actually have to know what you're doing and where are you going and exactly what you have to do to actually progress it happens, for example, in Style View Valley, you have to actually know what to do at the exact moment, at the exact place, etc. to just progress because if not, well, you can stay there forever and just farm and all that but if you want to progress in the story or if you want to complete some things you know exactly what you have to do and here you have this type of guide where these frog statues they're going to tell you, ok, now you need this to go here, to unlock whatever, etc."

"and, I don't know, I actually enjoyed that kind of guidance because there are some times that I get lost and if I get lost in these games and you have a lot of things to do I'll probably get bored and I'll leave the game and this is a way of not getting bored, I think and, well, basically, what we'll have to do is well, from the very beginning, which I didn't say it we'll have to choose one of the four characters that are available which are a girl, a boy, a kind of frog and a kind of super cute piggy character which is the one that I chose when I tried it out at Gamescom and, well, they told me that almost everyone just picked up the piggy character because she's so cute, but well, that's not the point you pick up a character, if you play with a friend because you can play up to four friends with up to four friends you pick up your character, your friend picks up your character in case that you're playing with someone and the adventure begins and like that you'll be discovering new areas, as I've said completing quests, getting to know, well, all the people that live there just getting to know what the story of that place is what kind of mysteries are they hiding, etc and basically it's like that main idea of these kind of games which are, well, most of them very similar but I think this one, just because of what I said just because of this progression thing and this, well, mystery divinity thing just, well, keeps you fresh and just maintains that well, that feeling of wanting to know more and all that and I think that's pretty difficult nowadays because we have plenty of different games of the genre but this one I think it's actually special because of that they knew how to do it, they knew how to keep us entertained and keep us, well, focused on the game and focused on wanting to keep exploring and keep, well, getting to know the land and their story and their ruins and this mystery behind and, I don't know, I really enjoyed it all the gameplay is really fluent all these gathering resources and start building your home you know that sometimes at the very beginning it's difficult to get engaged and to get interested into these games because they're starting slow because they want to, well, they want to show you how the game works all the mechanics, etc and they want you to, well, take your time to just get used to all that sorry, but I think this one did it really well and it was so progressing, it was so smooth but at the same time I didn't felt it like too annoying or too bothering or whatever so I think it was perfectly done and it was really interesting and this frog power just got me really interested and I really wanted to keep playing actually but we didn't have time but I would have been there just playing for a long time and, I don't know, all the art style is really beautiful it's all so simple, so visual, but so colorful, so vibrant and, I don't know, so interesting at the same time there are some dark places there are some dungeons, there are some dark things that maybe you think that are not going to fit with this colorful and vibrant environment but they do, and they fit perfectly with this mystery behind about this story of the land so, I don't know, I really liked it I really liked the music also all the soundtrack I don't know, it was so different from the ones that I heard at this, well, in the genre in general and, I don't know, I really liked the experience I have anything else to say because if you played this RPG kind of not survival, ok, but yeah this kind of RPG, action games you know more or less what to expect I mean, as I've said, they follow the steps of their cousins ok, if you wanna call it like that they follow their steps they do it fine they do it in a way that it's at least fresh all the environment help us to just get entertained we have different mechanics such as, for example well, getting to pet some, some well, some, some how can I say it?
some mysterious creatures, ok we can pet them we can be friends of the wildlife and they'll help us so, they, at least this game has this feeling of being one with the land and that feeling of just getting to know the island for just being part of the island and with the help of these creatures maybe we'll get new, well, access to new areas we'll have like new abilities and we'll have more things that are going to, well turn the game fresher and entertaining all the time and as I've said you'll discover brand new areas which are going to, well, show us a little bit more about the story, etc in general, as I've said another game of the genre but with some fresh elements that, well, if you've been interested on it I really encourage you to just play it because you're not going to regret it it's really entertaining I assure you that even if you've played games of the genre you're not going to get bored of this one or you're not going to think that it's another one of the same characteristics of the genre and you'll probably have a good time and you can try it out right now because it's on Early Access I think we don't have any official release date yet they pretend to just release the game at the very end of this year, on 2023 but we don't have any release date yet but you can just get the game on Early Access right now and like that you can start playing start your adventure all alone or with your friends and, well, getting to know the island getting to know yourselves and dive into this interesting frog divinity power story that I'm sure is going to entertain you a lot and just for ending, I would say that as I've said, I'm a really huge fan of the genre you know that I like these games you know that I spend so many hours just playing these games and as I've said, even though it can feel or you can feel that it's more or less the same kind of games it has something different and something fresh that I'm sure that you're going to enjoy if you like the genre so, well, give it a try if you want to just try out the Early Access they'll for sure add more new things more new story parts they'll add probably more places, etc and that's it I just have to tell right now that it's a game developed and published by Snowcastle Games that as I've said well, I didn't say it but it was released last year on Early Access and it's still on Early Access but it's going to be released officially at some point of the end of this 2023 ok, at the beginning, that's the main purpose and that's it, that I enjoyed it a lot that I'm sure that if you're a fan of the genre you'll like it and you'll enjoy it a lot and one of the things that I really like is that you have this co-op mode where you can enjoy it with your friends so, it can be a really, really good and interesting story for just cozy with a friend or just having a good time all together exploring the dungeons and exploring the secrets and all that so, give it a try and you're not going to regret it, I'm sure thank you so much for being here I hope that you've enjoyed my video impressions even though it was everything so general and so positive but you know, I liked it so much I can just encourage you to just try it out and that I discovered it at Gamescom and I enjoyed it and now is your time to just discover it and enjoy it before it's officially released or just wait for it maybe you can just wishlist or buy the Early Access game and then try it out once it's officially released that's up to you but give it a try if you're a fan of the genre you're not going to regret it thank you so much for being here see you in the next Game Racktor Gamescom Impressions video and have fun, take care and try out brand new games such as this one bye-bye!"





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