Paris Eternal has "parted ways" with Neptuno

He joined the team during this recent off-season.

The Paris Eternal Overwatch League has announced that it has "mutually parted ways" with its main support player Alberto "neptuNo" González. After joining the team during this most recent off-season, Neptuno will once again be a free agent, and looking to join his fourth OWL team since the league began four years ago.

The Paris Eternal are currently 14th in the standings, after going 1-3 over the first stage of competition. With this decision to drop Neptuno the team will need to find a new main support player before the next stage of competition for the June Joust begins on Friday, May 21.

As for where Neptuno will go, that remains a mystery now. Hopefully we'll find out that information over the coming days.

Paris Eternal

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